Along Came the Goblin

Along Came the Goblin, originally uploaded by TCM Hitchhiker.

Normally I don't care to add colorful borders to my shots. A lot of times I feel doing this takes away from the quality of the shot and makes it look less professional. However, sometimes when I take a cartooney or comic book shots, I feel it adds to the photo.

I wanted this shot to be colorful and slightly look like it could have been used as a promotional shot in the 1970's. Without the border, it would have just been another white background "catalog" shot, which is fine in some cases, but I wanted this to pop with retro fun.

This Green Goblin figure was made by Mego in the 70's and is one of my favorite toys. On the subject of Mego's World Famous Super Heroes figures, I have a series of square portrait shots planned of various figures from the line and will be making limited edition prints available. Look for these early in 2010, starting with the Batman characters.

~ Jason

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