Prints now on sale at my Etsy store!

PRINTS, originally uploaded by TCM Hitchhiker.

Happy to announce that I have opened shop over at Etsy. Selling prints is something I should have started doing ages ago.

I only have a few prints up for sale right now. A couple large prints, a couple 5X5 prints, and a few 4X6 prints. Some of the 5X5 and 4X6 prints I have up will also be available in larger sizes, as well as smaller prints of the 9X12 and 8X12 shots in the not too distant future.

Many more prints are coming soon! If there is a particular photo in my Flickr photostream you are interested, let me know the title and desired size (please just state large, medium or small) either here, at Flickr or at Etsy, and if it can be done, I will work on getting it in stock.

In the meantime, check out the shop here.

~ Jason

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