Funstuf Frankenstein

Funstuf Frankenstein, originally uploaded by TCM Hitchhiker.

Frankenstein, Ani-Forms toy by Funstuf, 1978

Features: Frankenstein is loaded with features. He has a small slit in his mouth which opens when you squeeze his cheeks. You then push his arms down which releases the air in his body. Let go of his cheeks, the slit closes, and he stays compressed. You then fasten him to the lab table with the Velcro straps. He comes with a pump that is attached to a hose, which attaches to his back. Squeeze the pump, it fills him with air, and he bursts out of his straps.

His laboratory table has it's own awesome feature. When you turn the crank, it spins wheels on each side of the table, which hold lighter flints. These rub against sandpaper discs, causing massive sparks. The table also moves up and down.

Add to all that, Frank also glows-in-the-dark!

This is easily one of the greatest Frankenstein toys ever made. They sure don't make toys like the used to!

~ Jason

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