Cinema of Fear. Series 4

Some of my favorite shots from my most recent shoot for Mezco Toyz.

These shots are inspired by actual scenes from the films Friday the 13th Pt. 3D and Nightmare on Elm Street Pt. 4, The Dream Master, though I took some liberties with the camera angles and lighting on some of them. None of the Freddy shots are from actual scenes in the film, because Freddy appears in surgical scrubs for an extremely short time, but they are still very inspired by the scene. The window/wall I used for Jason, and wall I used for Debbie are hand crafted. The Jason shot with the axe in his head is from the end of the Friday film, one of the original 3D scenes, and I tried to emulate the 3D effect.

~ Jason

*click on photos for a better view
* You can also see a few more photos from this shoot in my portfolio over at Flickr, including some "hanging" Jason shots.

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